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Chrisco CNB 100

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Ibiza Sailboat Rental

Barracuda Ibiza is a company dedicated to rental boats in Ibiza. They have all kinds of maritime transport and various destinations, with expert staff, who could accompany you, if you wish, to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Among its services is the rental of sailboats, available from 8 meters. The company ensures that traveling on a sailboat will offer its customers the ability to enjoy the sea to the fullest.

How do they work

The sailboats of Barracuda Ibiza are driven by effect of the wind on the sails, however, they also have an auxiliary motor, to be activated in case there is not enough wind. Barracuda Ibiza cares 100% for its customers and offers quality boats, which comply with safety standards and are perfectly maintained.

If you want to take a trip with your partner, or your children, the sailboats of Barracuda Ibiza are the best option. In them you can enjoy a unique experience that will undoubtedly create beautiful memories in the minds of travelers.

The most recommended

Barracuda Ibiza recommends you to travel in this type of boat, the sailboats, since they have a practically perfect balance, which will prevent the trip from being annoying or uncomfortable. In addition, sailboats are much easier to handle than other types of boats, so you can handle it yourself or hire one of our experts so that your family can enjoy the trip as much as possible, without any inconvenience.

With the wide catalog of sailboats offered by Barracuda Ibiza you can choose between different models, designs, colors and, of course, prices. In this way, you will have the possibility to select the maritime transport that best suits your budget and needs.

What are you waiting for? Barracuda Ibiza offers you just what you need to enjoy this vacation with your family.


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Paradise 60 “Morning Star”

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Lagoon 630 catamaran

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45 Sailing Yacht

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renting pleasure boats is now available to all

lemos, a company looking for the rental of pleasure boats is available to everyone. Nova Argonautica, combining fleet management software, global distribution system and a transactional web, wants to become the global market standard rental boats,

The idea of ​​Nova Argonautica was born a few years ago, explains Pérez, when “we realized the enormous network requiring planning a vacation on board,” passing by “talking to agencies, call hundreds of times by phone to ensure that payment it has been made, wait hours or even days to get a response, long strings of emails to see if the boat we want will be available for the dates you want. ”

To simplify the process of preparing a vacation at sea, the creators of the companies began to study the world of sailing charter to better understand what their shortcomings and solve them in the best way possible.

Our main objective is to facilitate the nautical tourist the task involves renting a pleasure craft.

The project began in November 2010 and now we have to reserve 4,000 boats (equivalent to 28,000 hotel beds) in 110 destinations (Mediterranean and Caribbean)

Nova Argonautica has received three million euros of Spanish, Swiss, German, Italian, Portuguese and Mexican capital, its shareholders and directors are exdirectivos of Google , of Air Berlin and Globalia , among other companies in the European tourism sector. In addition, the company has obtained 890,000 euros of public funding.

lemos is integrated with other nautical sites and cover all demand, nautical tourists and also generalists.

Regarding his clientele: people between 20 and 45, groups of friends and couples groups, although they also have families. Its customers are mostly European, but they also have some of the US and Russia.

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